Return, Refund & Cancellation Policy

Products Return Policy

We hope that you will love everything you buy from us, however if this is not the case, has put in place no-hassle procedures to ensure that you can buy from us in confidence and return the item if it has any issues or if the item is faulty or not what you ordered.

There are two kinds of returns an eCommerce store experiences. They are

  1. Courier returns
  2. Customer returns
Courier Returns:

For all courier returns that were not delivered to the buyer and were marked as ‘Returning to Origin’. When we receive the returned shipment, it will stored in our warehouse and an update will be sent to you by email registered with us.

Incorrect Address: If the address provided by you for delivery is found to be incorrect, and if an address correction is requested, there will be no changes after the order is shipped.

Delivery not claimed: If the product is not delivered due to the reason of non-availability of the recipient at the address provided to us for delivery and it eventually goes unclaimed upon subsequent attempts and is returned back to us, you will be liable for the cost of a re-delivery to yourself or your end customer. You will also be charged a reverse shipping fee which is equal to the forward shipping fee in such cases. In the case of Cash on Delivery (COD) orders, the charged COD amount will be refunded back.

Customer Returns:

Product Quality issues: In the case of issues related to item like damaged or defective items sent to the customer, it must be communicated to Dropvilla within 7 days upon the delivery of the product.

Broken products received: In the case of damaged products, all issues have to be raised within 7 days from the date of delivery of the product. In order to raise a replacement request, send us images or a short video clip (depending on the nature of issue) of the damaged product along with the original packaging in which the product was received by the customer, showing the shipping label and the customer details on it clearly for verification.

Rejection by Customer: Since we do quality check of every item sent to your end customers and if your customer do not accept delivery in such cases item will returned to us and were marked as ‘Returning to Origin’. We do not refund for any modification in order for size or color and hence such modifications are to be offered at your expense and discretion. A new order, at your expense, needs to be placed for an updated modification if you choose to accept or offer exchanges to your end customers.

No Refund for Subscription packages

We have put all the important content in the public display i.e., products we dropship & other services., Also you can ask us any queries you have over call or Whatsapp before joining. So please subscribe our services only if you know all the details. Don’t hesitate to ask any queries you have.

Why? We provide 10x value for the fee we charge and dedicated services. So trying out our services and asking for a refund is waste of the time and effort for both of us.

However, be known that we assure you a best services and if at all you face any difficulty, we are here to fix it for you. So focus on business and growth.

Action on Returned Orders:

Orders that are returned due to incorrect addresses or rejected by customers are marked as ‘Returned to origin’ (RTO) will stored in our warehouse. Dropvilla would store the returns for a period of 90 days from the date of the order being marked as RTO and the merchant can choose to Reship the order to himself or any other address within this period of 90 days, after which we would donate the order to charity. The merchant will not be allowed to take any action on the returned orders after this period.

Re-ship in manage returns

Once an order has been returned to our factory and an update will be sent to you by email registered with us. Your purchased item will be stored for 10 days from the date of the order being marked as RTO. You can reship an order to a new address using by placing new order of same product at no cost.

Once the re-ship details are entered, you can make the payment of shipping charges using the available available payment methods and confirm the order.

Customer returns

In spite of the Quality Checks we do, it is possible that the customer receives a product which is not in the best condition. This might happen due to damages in transit or manual errors. To make sure that your customer receives the best product, we offer completely free replacements to your customers. You just have to email us on with a few pictures or a video showing the exact defect with the product and we will have your replacement product shipped out within 48 hours of it being authorized. We do not ask for the defected product to be returned back to us and hence no reverse pick-ups need to be scheduled.

In cases, if the product delivered to the customer is in perfect condition but the customer does not want to keep the product, it would be the merchant’s decision to accept a return from the customer. Dropvilla would not refund such orders and you can ask the customer to return the product back to your place which you can use to click pictures for your social media pages. We do not have a reverse pick-up facility currently.

Cancelling Orders & Refund:

All orders placed on the Dropvilla can be cancelled only if it has not been processed yet.

How to cancel an order?

  1. After placing the order, if you wish to cancel it, go to My Account > Orders.
  2. Under the order actions tab, there are option of Cancel, Exchange, refund Orders.
  3. Once you click on that a confirmation pop up will come up and you can add your reason of order cancel, Exchange, refund and then click submit.
  4. After confirming confirming, we will take accessory actions.